The Database is now available in electronic form, using Excel the report is displayed as a Pivot Table. The parameters (Reporting Country, Partner Country, Flow, Product & Year) can be manipulated within the Pivot Table to show data in a variety of combinations.

Products available for selection are:

Copper Alloy
Cathodes Wire
Wire Bars Rods, Bars & Sections
Billets Plate, Sheet & Strip
Other Refined Foil
Wire Rod Tube
Wire Stranded  
Rods, Bars & Sections  
Plate, Sheet & Strip  

The 2017 file covers the period 2003 to 2017.

Below are the reporting countries:

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Algeria Chile El Salvador Hong Kong Kenya New Zealand Russia Sweden
Argentina China Estonia Hungary Latvia Nicaragua Senegal Switzerland
Australia Colombia Finland Iceland Lithuania Norway Serbia Taiwan
Austria Costa Rica France India Luxembourg Panama Singapore Thailand
Azerbaijan Cote d Ivoire Georgia Indonesia Malaysia Paraguay Slovakia Turkey
Belarus Croatia Germany Iran Malta Peru Slovenia Ukraine
Belgium Cyprus Ghana Ireland Mauritius Philippines South Africa United Kingdom
Bolivia Czech Republic Greece Italy Mexico Poland South Korea United States
Brazil Denmark Guatemala Japan Morocco Portugal Spain Uruguay
Bulgaria Ecuador Honduras Kazakhstan Netherlands Romania Sri Lanka Venezuela
Canada Egypt