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The International Wrought Copper Council (IWCC) is the global organisation for the copper fabricating industry.  What the IWCC does is determined by the industry.  The Council is governed by it's members in the General Assembly, which is held annually. During the year its affairs are run by the Executive Board and by specialist Committees.


IWCC Officers


Officers of the Council are elected by members from the copper industry. They are currently:


Stefan Boel



Ulrich Becker - CEO, KME Germany GmbH & Co. KG

Erwin Mayr – CEO, Wieland Group


Patricia Chiao - Vice Chairman, Walsin Lihwa Corporation


Past Chairmen of the IWCC


Mr. M. Matsumoto Japan 2012 - 2014
Mr. Jin Roy Ryu Korea 2010 - 2012
Prof. H. Otten Germany 2008 - 2010
Mr. T. Centner Belgium 2005 - 2008
Mr. H. Kroener Germany 2003 - 2005
The Hon. A. Bagri Malaysia 2001 - 2003
Mr. S. Kreula Finland 1999 - 2001
Mr. S. Orlando Italy 1997 - 1999
Mr. T. Kawakami Japan 1995 - 1997
Mr. G. Durand-Texte France 1993 - 1995
Mr. S. Isoherranen Finland 1991 - 1993
Mr. N. Brodersen Germany 1989 - 1991
Dr. J.M. Butler United Kingdom 1987 - 1989
Mr. L. Gustafsson Sweden 1985 - 1987
Dr. G. Busi Italy 1983 - 1985
Mr. J. Prado Urquijo Spain 1981 - 1983
Mr. I.H. Pahl Germany 1979 - 1981
Mr. F. Halm Switzerland 1977 - 1979
Mr. I. Sakamoto Japan 1975 - 1977
Mr. T.H. Gallie United Kingdom 1973 - 1975
Mr. G. Philipson Sweden 1971 - 1973
Dr. G. Porro Italy 1969 - 1971
Mr. H. Feron Belgium 1967 - 1969
Mr. G. Desbrière France 1965 - 1967
The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Verulam United Kingdom 1963 - 1965
Dr. A. de Meuron Switzerland 1961 - 1963
Mr. W. Ertel Germany 1959 - 1961
Mr. C.A. Jacobsson Sweden 1957 - 1959
Mr. H.E. Jackson United Kingdom 1955 - 1957
Mr. G. Desbrière France 1953 - 1955




The staff of the Council are:


Mark Loveitt - President

Mike Smith - Vice President
Derren Nisbet - Data Manager
Sian O'Brien - Conference Manager




The IWCC has two types of members:






Executive Board


The Executive Board manages the affairs of the IWCC and is responsible for policy making and direction. Members of the Executive Board are listed here. Since the start of 2017, the IWCC Executive Board meets twice a year: during the Joint Meeting and in LME Week.  The most recent meeting of the Executive Board was held on 6 May in Seville. 


General Assembly


The General Assembly is in effect the Annual General Meeting of the IWCC. It is open to all members. A list of the locations of the General Assemblies since 1953 is given here.


The 2018 General Assembly was held in Seville on 9 May 2018. The General Assembly conducted the formal business of the IWCC in accordance with the Articles of Association.


IWCC Joint Meeting with Copper Producers


Representatives of more than 74 companies and organisations from 23 countries attended the most recent Joint Meeting which took place in Seville on 6-9 May 2018. In addition to delegates from the copper producing and copper fabricating industries a number of observers from organisations connected with the copper industry were also present, including representatives from:



The IWCC is very grateful for the support given by Atlantic Copper and La Farga in assisting in the organisation of the event, in hosting a dinner for all participants and for inviting delegates to tour their plants. 


The presentations are available to Joint Meeting 2018 participants and members of the copper industry in the Members area.


The industry plans to hold its next Joint Meeting in Santiago, Chile from 4-7 April 2019, in the week immediately prior to the annual CESCO week.


A list of the locations of Joint Meetings since 1957 is given here. For the most recent years a list of the papers given at the meeting can be viewed by clicking on the location.


Copper Committee


The IWCC Copper Committee meets twice a year and the most recent meeting took place in May 2018 in Seville.


The next meeting of this Committee will be held in London in October 2018 immediately prior to LME Week.


Participation in the Committee is open to all members of the IWCC.


 Advisory Committee


The IWCC has recently formed an Advisory Committee.  The remit of this Committee is twofold:  to guide the work of the IWCC and to feed fabricator input into the key decision making committees within the International Copper Association (ICA).  To enhance this second activity, the IWCC holds regular meetings with both the European Copper Institute (ECI) and the North American Copper Development Association.


The outlook for refined copper


The IWCC Joint Statistical Committee prepares twice a year supply and demand forecasts for unwrought copper.  To assist the work of the Committee, the Secretariat continues to assemble information from all of the major copper producing and consuming countries throughout the world. The forecasts are unique in that they are prepared by the copper industry for use by the copper industry.  The latest forecasts are available to the copper industry by clicking   here.


Technical Committee


The IWCC Technical Committee organises the annual Technical Seminar.  A list of the locations of the Technical Seminars since 1984 is available here. For the most recent years a list of the papers given at the seminar can be viewed by clicking on the location.


The 2018 Technical Seminar on ‘Hot & Cold Deformation’ was held in Chicago from 4 - 8 March. 


Subsequent to the Seminar there was a two day programme of plant visits to Mueller Brass and Olin Brass


The 2019 Technical Seminar on ‘Downstream processes in the Fabricating Industry’ will be held in Vietnam from 3-8 March 2019.


China Seminar


The IWCC holds an annual China Seminar focussing on the work of our members and the development of the copper and copper alloy fabricating industry in China.


The 2017 IWCC/Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) China Seminar, organised with the support of BGRIMM Li Lan Consulting (BLC), took place in Shanghai on 1 December as part of the 2017 Asia Copper Week


Papers presented at the China Seminar are available to members here.


Plans are being made to hold the 2018 China Seminar in Shanghai on 16 November.


Product Committees


The IWCC has a number of Product Committees where member companies manufacturing particular products discuss matters of concern to their sectors. There are at present five Product Committees, whose members are all based in Europe.





A key feature of the work of the IWCC is the collection, collation and dissemination to its members of industry-specific statistical data.


The IWCC has a broad portfolio of statistics available to members and to the wider copper industry.


The Statistical Bulletin contains national data on semis production, imports, exports and apparent demand which are available to members on the website. In line with the Information Exchange Policy, for countries in Europe, national data by semis type are given up to 2009 and thereafter by total copper and total alloy. The Europe table shows the latest available quarterly data for semis production and demand. Trade data for the EU Accession States improve the range of data available. Outside Europe, detailed data are available by quarter for Japan and China and some production and trade data are available for Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Russia and the USA.  Short-term forecasts for semis production and demand are available for most countries, subject to the IWCC’s Information Exchange Policy which covers the risk of disclosure of potentially commercially sensitive company-specific data.


The annual global end-use data-set, prepared in conjunction with the International Copper Association (ICA) continues to provide the copper industry with detailed end-use demand by semis type.


In addition to semis data, the site also contains weekly updates of developments on the LME and monthly macro-economic data published by EU & OECD. 


All of these tables are available in the Members area.


The IWCC also produces an annual report on trade in copper and copper alloy semis. This is available to members and non-members from the publication page.





International Copper Study Group (ICSG)


The IWCC attends ICSG meetings as an accredited Observer.


The ICSG holds two sets of meetings annually. The spring and autumn meetings are held in Lisbon, with the Industry Advisory Panel held in London during LME Week.


The IWCC President chairs the Industry Advisory Panel.


International Copper Association (ICA)


The IWCC is invited to attend a number of ICA meetings.  These include the ICA Program Review Committee, the ICA Advisory Committee and the recently formed ICA Public Affairs Committee.  These meetings are held in Santiago, New York and London.


 International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM)


The IWCC is an Associate Member of the ICMM and is represented at meetings of the ICMM’s Associations Advisory Group, as well as taking part in the ICMM’s Responsible Sourcing Working Group. 




Data Protection


The IWCC is registered with the United Kingdom Information Commissioner with regards to data protection, including GDPR.  For further details of how the IWCC meets the legal requirements please click here. 

Information Exchange Policy


As the industry has gradually become more concentrated, and the number of companies in each sub-sector of the business in each country has shrunk, the IWCC has recognised a potential problem of short-term over-transparency, which might be incompatible with competition law as it has been developed, especially in the EU and its member states. The IWCC operates within an Information Exchange Policy regulating the degree of transparency in IWCC data. IWCC members wishing to access the Policy should click here.


Anti-trust Policy


The IWCC has in place robust policies on anti-trust and anti-competition.  These are available on request. 

Meeting guidelines


All IWCC meetings and associated activities respect anti-trust guidelines.  These are available from the following links in English and Chinese-Mandarin.